Jul. 28th, 2016

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I have occasionally heard people in Stand Still Stay Silent fandom say that Tuuri never gives accurate translations. It's the sort of thing that gets repeated without citations, and I wanted to check to what extent it was true, so I did a reread of the comic and found every instance of when Tuuri translates something. And here is the fruit of my research! One thing that is the case is that she very rarely gives a word-for-word translation--which may be a stylistic choice on Minna's part as much as anything else, since it might be a little boring to read the same set of words twice, especially if it's a longer bit. The more interesting question to me is, does she substantially alter the meaning of what's being said? And at this point I think I can say with confidence: sometimes but not always.

12/08/2016 ETA: I might as well edit this when new things come up. Tuuri translated something in today's comic, so it goes in the collection below.

Findings below the cut, presented without comment. )


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