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I have occasionally heard people in Stand Still Stay Silent fandom say that Tuuri never gives accurate translations. It's the sort of thing that gets repeated without citations, and I wanted to check to what extent it was true, so I did a reread of the comic and found every instance of when Tuuri translates something. And here is the fruit of my research! One thing that is the case is that she very rarely gives a word-for-word translation--which may be a stylistic choice on Minna's part as much as anything else, since it might be a little boring to read the same set of words twice, especially if it's a longer bit. The more interesting question to me is, does she substantially alter the meaning of what's being said? And at this point I think I can say with confidence: sometimes but not always.

12/08/2016 ETA: I might as well edit this when new things come up. Tuuri translated something in today's comic, so it goes in the collection below.

Page 107

Torbjörn: Run, everyone! Grab your bags! Run!

Tuuri’s translation (to Lalli): We’re running now.

Page 135

Lalli: No.

Tuuri’s translation (to Emil): H-he doesn’t feel up to it right now, but I’m sure he’ll be happy to show you a little bit later.

Page 219

Sigrun: … and afterwards a safe place to retreat to and set up camp at, tell him that. And I want him back around daybreak, we should leave as soon as the sun is up. Oh, and explain to him that the lines on the map mean roads.

Tuuri’s translation (to Lalli): So if you could find a couple of alternatives that look reachable and explorable within our one-day range, that would be great. After that we need a good retreat spot that we can easily drive to. Well before dark, I’d hope. And Sigrun wants you to be back around daybreak. That’s all.

Page 355

Mikkel: Hmm. Perhaps giving the cats a proper burial will give you a sense of closure. How does that sound? Emil?

Tuuri’s translation (to Reynir): Now Mikkel is trying to console him.

Page 384

Lalli: I don’t fail. There are other ways! And other safe spots! And I’ll find them, right now!

Tuuri’s translation (to Sigrun): Ahh, umm. He says he could find another path. But I think he might be too tired to--

Sigrun: Yes! Awesome! That’s exactly what I like to hear! You have the correct attitude, little pipsqueak!

Tuuri’s translation (to Lalli): *Sigh* She says you can go if you really want to …

Page 409

Lalli: ... --’s nothin’ … … just s’m weird spirits is all …

Page 430

Tuuri’s translation (to Reynir): Mmh, Lalli mentioned seeing something like that earlier. I doubt he’d know, he calls things “weird” when he has no clue.

(Not really sure I should include this, but I guess it can't hurt.)

Page 471

Reynir: No no no, not tomorrow! They’re coming to eat us right now! We’ve got to go now! Tell Sigrun!

Tuuri’s translation (to Sigrun): Uhh, Sigrun? Reynir has a question … … so he really insists that we drive somewhere else. Tonight, not tomorrow.

Page 472

Sigrun: No! Are you a moron? Have you noticed that it’s evening? Tell him to tell the ghosts to go away if he’s so bothered by them!

Tuuri’s translation (to Reynir): Sigrun said we’re not going, no matter what.

Page 548

Emil: Hey! How do I say “good job” in Finnish again?

Tuuri’s translation (to Lalli): Emil is trying to let you know that he thinks you’ve been doing a good job.

Page 579

Lalli: Road's fine. I don't like the place. Too many things alive there.

Tuuri's translation (to Sigrun): ... he's worried about the level of activity in the area.


Page 513

Dream!Sigrun: You! Awesome job finding this camping spot for us! You really do pull your weight.

Dream!Mikkel: Today we will celebrate with a mighty feast.

Dream!Reynir: My hair is super dumb and I’m going to cut it all off!

Dream!Tuuri’s translation (to Dream!Lalli): Everyone’s saying how much they appreciate and admire everything you do for us!


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