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Dear All in the Family creator:

Thank you so much for signing up to write or draw me a thing about a fictional family relationship I love! I am ridiculously easy to please when it comes to people writing or drawing me things. Seriously, just make me something based on any of my requests and I’m sure I’ll love it. So--aside from the Do Not Wants--please feel free to ignore the rest of this letter. It’s really only here to give you inspiration if you don’t know what to write or draw, but if you have your own ideas already, please go wild with them. One of the fun parts about somebody making things for my prompts is when they come up with things I would never have thought of myself.

So, about those Do Not Wants:

DNW (general):

-Long fic. Anything more than about 5000 words or so and I start getting anxious about reading and commenting in a timely fashion while still giving the story the attention it deserves, so I’d just rather you didn’t.
-AUs. Exceptions: Canon-divergence AUs, or crossovers/fusions with other fandoms I’m into. Those are great.
-Purely introspective stories with no action or character interaction
-Choose-Your-Own-Adventure/interactive/game-style fic
-Body image issues. I don’t mind brief mentions if it’s canon, but please don’t spend a lot of time dwelling on a character hating their body.

DNW (smut):

-That thing where one or more of the people involved doesn’t know what sex is or realize they’re having it
-Religion kink--like, naughty nuns and priests and what have you
-One partner calling out another’s name during orgasm

General likes: I really like all kinds of fic, from silly fluff, action and adventures and worldbuilding to smut and hurt/comfort. Feel free to take it darker, too: violence, character death, betrayal, consent issues sexual and otherwise, bad things happening to characters I like AND characters I like doing bad things. I’m open to different POVs and tenses, and unusual fic formats like poetry and epistolary/documentary fic. For art, the kind of character portrait where a lot of thought has gone into details of clothing, hairstyle, etc even if nothing in particular is happening, loose sketchy comick-y things that illustrate a character moment or interaction. I also like things that incorporate text and images in various ways, like calligraphy, comics, maps and diagrams.

A brief and really not exhaustive list of story elements I especially like: Comfort after a nightmare, self-sacrifice, loyalty and trust issues, elections, platonic bed-sharing, hugs, language geekery, communication issues, breakups (either the kind where the original relationship is eventually patched up, or where the people involved manage to forge a different but still mutually satisfactory type of relationship afterward, or where nothing is okay again and everything hurts), ethical dilemmas, food porn and food preparation, parenting/childcare, exploration of canon-appropriate religious themes. For art, in addition to any of these things, I’m really fond of watercolors and Art Nouveau-inspired stylings. Also, for the book fandoms I’m requesting, illustrations of any scenes with these relationships would be awesome.

A note about vids: I am not requesting vids, because a) I don’t want to have to come up with a whole nother set of prompts, especially for a medium that I have no idea how to prompt for, and b) I doubt that anyone is offering? Vids? In these fandoms? Most of them are book fandoms, how would that even work? But! If you do want to make me a vid as a treat (somehow), PLEASE DO. You can get an idea of the sort of music I like by browsing my fanmix tag here on dreamwidth.

And now for the specific prompts! Like I said, feel free to ignore these if you have a different idea, or mix and match them with my general likes however you want.

Chronicles of the Kencyrath - P. C. Hodgell

Brenwyr of Brandan & Brant of Brandan

How did they first discover that Brant was immune to Brenwyr’s ill-wishing? We know that Brenwyr used to borrow Brant’s clothes, so something with that would be interesting, especially if Brant sometimes borrowed Brenwyr’s in return. (I would especially love to see this as art--tiny Brenwyr, already dressed in Brant’s outfit, lacing him into one of her dresses would be simultaneously adorable and heartbreaking because we know what eventually happens with that.) Speaking of which, something about their mother’s death and its fallout would be great--did Brant ever blame himself for his part in the events? Did he forgive Brenwyr or believe it wasn’t her fault right away, or did that take time, and if so, how did they eventually reconcile? Or else something with the courtship of Aerulan--Brenwyr confessing her feelings to Brant, Brant deciding to make an offer for Aerulan, the two of them working together to meet Ganth’s price for her contract. Did Brant ever meet Aerulan himself, and what did they make of each other? Maybe Brant trying to comfort Brenwyr after Aerulan’s death. Or a slice of life, showing how they work together as lord and matriarch.

Lyra of Caineron & Graykin

Did Lyra and Graykin ever have a childhood together? How did Lyra come to be given Graykin as a servant, and how did she come to give him the name that she gave him? (And what was he called before?) When they’re first introduced, Lyra dislikes and distrusts Graykin because he spies on her--presumably for Caldane. I’d love to see some background on that, what he reported about her and how she found out. Speaking of Lyra finding things out, does she ever learn or figure out that Graykin is her brother? When, how, and how does it change their relationship? I’d also like to see their shared loyalty/affection/whatever for Jame helping overcome their past antagonism. For art, it’d be cool (and bittersweet, because they’re growing up in Caldane’s household after all) to see them as little kids? The scene with Graykin and Lyra and Cattila all sitting on top of each other in Cattila’s litter would make a pretty awesome visual too.

Tirandys of Knorth/Jamethiel Priest's-Bane of Knorth and/or Tirandys of Knorth/Jamethiel Dream-Weaver of Knorth

I’m really fascinated by Tirandys and his relationship with both Jamethiels. For Tirandys/Dream-Weaver, something about how he developed his version of the Senetha for her? Or something about the Fall from the perspective of one or both of them, and what place their relationship had in the whole thing? What about when Gerridon contracted Jamethiel to Ganth? I’d like anything from unrequited, courtly-type love on Tirandys’ part to requited-but-unconsummated to fully-consummated-in-explicit-detail. With Jame, I’m intrigued by the possibility of there being attraction on both sides, but Tirandys understands why it’s a very bad idea to act on it while Jame doesn’t, really--whether this ends with them acting on it or not, either way would be great. Anything with him teaching her, the Senetha or honor or other things. I would also love something with both relationships, and seeing how they parallel and play off each other. For art, this probably goes without saying, but SENETHA/SENETHAR/SENE PLEASE.

The Queen's Thief - Megan Whalen Turner

Eugenides & Stenides

Something from their childhood--maybe an incident where Eugenides helped Stenides pursue his interest in clockwork despite the opposition of their family? Maybe a story with their mom, or them dealing with her death. In The Queen of Attolia, we see that Gen has one of Stenides’ watches--when did he make it, and when did he give it to Gen, and does it have any special features? What does Stenides think of Gen’s marriage? Under what circumstances might Gen, as king, need Stenides’ help? (If you're also a fan of The Goblin Emperor, I had this idea where they somehow exist in the same universe, and Gen has heard that the emperor of the Elflands is fascinated by clockwork …) For art, I'd love a portrait of the two of them with the tools of their respective trades, or Stenides working and Gen making a nuisance of himself.

Hephestia & Eugenides the God

Mythological bros! Did Eugenides ever steal anything else for--or from--Hephestia? Did Hephestia ever manage to protect Eugenides from the justified wrath of the other gods without the appearance of favoritism? It’s hard not to picture Hephestia and Eugenides’ relationship as being something like Eddis and Gen’s, so--was Hephestia ever tempted to shove Eugenides off a high place? Did Eugenides ever do something in Hephestia’s service that she really would rather he hadn't? Alternatively, if you want, something that shows how Hephestia and Eugenides are really not like Eddis and Gen at all. Finally, it would be really cool to see in-universe religious art of them, maybe in an Archaic Greek or Renaissance-influenced style.

Ina & Eurydice or Sophos & Ina & Eurydice

Ina and Eurydice strike me as being a couple of very sharp, capable, intelligent people who are very constrained by their roles in society and sheltered upbringing. I'd love to see them move beyond that during the events of A Conspiracy of Kings, anything with their escaping to Eddis with their mom after their estate is burned, or afterwards, hanging out with Eddis and possibly having their horizons broadened by living in Eddis the country for a while, which seems more egalitarian than Sounis if not perfectly so. I'd also like anything from Sophos, Ina, and Eurydice's shared childhood, or an AU where Ina and/or Eurydice end up ruling Sounis for one reason or another (like Sophos goes off to Eddis and leaves them in charge.) Or something where Sophos needs their help in his own role as king. For art, I'd love to see the three of them beneath the apricot tree as in Sophos’ wish, or maybe Ina and Eurydice engaged in traditional women's work.

Stand Still Stay Silent

Anna Västerström & Håkan Västerström & Sune Västerström

Oh, man, I want to see all the shenanigans with the changelings. What made their babysitter quit back when we first met them? What about when their parents went to Iceland to get funding--did they come along, and what unholy chaos did they manage to unleash there, or else what did they get up to in their parents’ absence? I’d like to see the further adventures of Onni trying to babysit them, especially if they end up bonding with him despite Onni’s grumpiness and the changelings’ chaotic ways. How do they react when Onni gets “struck by lightning”? Future fic would be cool too--do they end up going into academics like their parents, or the military like Emil, or opening a hair salon for real? Or maybe one of each? I also had this idea for a scenario where the expedition disappears without a trace, and years later, Anna, Håkan, and Sune try to track it down/discover what happened. For art, I’d really love to see what they look like all grown up.

Jukka Hotakainen & Juha Hotakainen

I want to know what it was like for them to grow up as the children of the first (and possibly most powerful) mage in the Known World. Something from when they were kids, learning magic or having wilderness adventures or dreamworld adventures--I’m intrigued by the idea that they might have shared a dream-space when they were young, which grew more separate as they got older. I would also love any sort of dreamworld art. Juha named his son after their dad, so even though he wasn’t in the picture when they were kids, I can’t help wondering if they heard stories about him, or ever looked for him or met him or anything like that. Also, I would love to read some folklore or Kalevala style adventures about the brothers helping each other win their wives--although I would not mind if the wives were more enthusiastic about the idea than the women being courted in the Kalevala tend to be. (I also would not mind if you went with the interpretation that Ukko-Pekka is the Ukko, or that Tuulikki is the Tuulikki for that matter.)

Michael Madsen II & Mikkel Madsen

Anything from light-hearted childhood shenanigans to grownup angst--I’m definitely interested in the possibility that Michael died in Kastrup, and how it happened and how Mikkel deals and doesn’t deal with it. I’d also love to see how the constant presence of a more exuberant twin help shaped Mikkel’s personality as we know and love it today. Identity hijinks of any sort would be very welcome. I have a pet theory--not that I necessarily expect to become canon, but that I think is a distinct and interesting possibility--that the person we know as Mikkel is actually Michael, who is impersonating his twin for (possibly grief-related) reasons. Something incorporating this premise would be awesome as well. For art, I like the idea of an illustration of Mikkel patching Michael up, either when they were kids (with a band-aid or whatever) or later.

Heroes of Olympus

Percy Jackson & Tyson & Sally Jackson’s Upcoming Daughter

Here’s my shameless fluff request! I just think Percy and Tyson are going to be the best big brothers, okay. (Technically Tyson is Percy’s brother and not the new baby’s, but I like to think that Percy and Sally and Paul have welcomed Tyson into the family enough that that’s not really an issue.) For art, I would especially love to see Tyson holding the baby, or, like, making a mobile for her--that would be incredibly adorable. For fic, Percy and Tyson babysitting while Sally and Paul go out? A holiday dinner at the Jackson-Blofis’? Maybe something a few years later, if Sally’s daughter inherits her ability to see through the Mist--how would that work out?

Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano & Hylla Ramírez-Arellano

Please write or draw me anything from Reyna and Hylla’s backstory! Their childhood in Puerto Rico, how they found Circe’s island and started working for her, fighting pirates together. How and why did they come to part ways? Or let them have adventures together after the events of Blood of Olympus, each of them bringing her own skills to the party, and maybe working through some of the issues of their shared past. Please note that I’m kind of upset about how casually Rick Riordan killed off most of the Amazons and Hunters, and especially Hylla’s right-hand warrior (and possibly girlfriend) Kinzie, so feel free to soft-AU that so it wasn’t as bad as it looked (Kinzie’s body never appeared on page, there’s no proof she’s dead!) or maybe have Reyna and Hylla go to the underworld to get some of their fallen comrades back. (I don’t insist on fix-its, though--if you had something more canon-compliant in mind, that would be great too.)

Lou Ellen & Alabaster Torrington

Lou Ellen and Alabaster don’t have a relationship in the books, but I wonder what their relationship might have been. If Lou Ellen fought on the Titans’ side in the Titan war, she must have fought under Alabaster’s command. Was she his loyal lieutenant? Was it hard for her to accept the amnesty on behalf of the rest of Hecate’s children and not him? Might she have kept in touch with him illicitly afterwards? If she fought with the Hermes cabin and the rest of Camp Half-Blood, how does that affect her relationship with her siblings, most of whom fought for the Titans--does she see Alabaster as a traitor, or does being the head counselor for the kids who fought under him give her a wider perspective? If he runs into something that he and his ghost sidekick can’t handle on their own, what would it take to get him to swallow his stubbornness and ask her for help? For art, it’d be really neat to see them fighting side-by-side (or against each other!) and/or using their powers to manipulate the Mist.

Silena Beauregard/Drew Tanaka

I’m intrigued by the idea that Drew’s anger at Silena in The Lost Hero might have its source in a more personal betrayal. What might have happened between them--hatesex, or a rivalry-inspired game of sexy chicken, each one daring the other to take things one step further, both of them angry at their mother, deciding to do something she really won’t like? The possibility of charmspeak rape is also relevant to my interests. I would also love to see an illustration of angry makeouts between these two gorgeous daughters of Aphrodite.

If for some reason you want to stalk me , I am dead easy to stalk; I'm minutia_r (or occasionally minutia-r) all over the internet: LJ/DW, AO3, tumblr, deviantart, ff.net, 8tracks, and probably one or two other places I don't recall off-hand.

Thank you! You are awesome, I am really looking forward to seeing what you make for me, and I hope you get great stories and/or art out of this exchange, too!
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