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Bold as Death, Hard as Hell (11563 words)

“It’s called the Rite of Passage. How it goes is, you pick out a guy. You get him to fall in love with you, and then …” Nayra paused dramatically, reflected candlelight shining in her eyes. “You break his heart.”

When Silena was dating Charles Beckendorf, she spoke against the Aphrodite Cabin’s Rite of Passage. Her sisters and brothers thought she’d never taken part in it, and some of them believed that she died for her disrespect for Aphrodite. But none of them knew about Silena and Clarisse, or the true story of how Silena came to betray the camp.

Oh my god you guys I finished my Silena fic, and it’s up and everything.

lotrspnfangirl did the graphics! Also there is a soundtrack.

(Also I feel that I should emphasize that this is not in any way a fix-it, so be prepared for, you know, canon events.)
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Now it can be revealed: the story I wrote for Jukebox is The Tale of Celaeno and Celbalrai, based on Emily Jane White's Sleeping Dead (see above).

It's got highfalutin' language, sufficiently advanced technology or sufficiently systematic magic, and a sort of fairy-tale feel, so if you like that sort of thing, you might like it?
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I didn't get post-apocalyptic fic for jukebox this year! I got dystopian fic instead. That's very different.

Anyway, those of you who like cheerfully monstrous protagonists versus monstrous faceless government entities should definitely read my gift, based on Leonard Cohen's "The Future:"

And Now The Wheels Of Heaven Stop

Those of you who prefer things where everything and everyone isn't terrible probably shouldn't read it, but you're missing out, because it's really good.
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I’ve got a few recurring requests that I make in various fic exchanges, and sometimes I say to myself, Minutia, you should come up with new requests because it’s become clear that nobody is going to write those old ones. WELL, NOT TODAY, BITCHES! Somebody wrote me Elene/Damon/Josh from Downbelow Station and it is fucking glorious. It is everything I wanted from an Elene/Damon/Josh fic. (Well, except for actual threeway sex. That would be nice too. But if I had to choose I would pick what I got.)

Cherryh fandom has the best writers, I swear, I have never read a Cherryh fic that was not at least OK, and a lot of them are really, really good. This is one of the really, really good ones.

Also, since rarelywritten has no anon period, I can already tell you what I wrote, which is a story of Drou Koudelka, Cordelia and Gregor, as well as tea parties, political violence, child rearing, and social engineering.

And also also, the reveals for Space Swap Two happened. The story I wrote was for Calvin and Hobbes, and featured Calvin and Susie going on a space adventure together. For certain values of space adventure, and also together.

And I think I haven't mentioned on this journal yet, I got an absolutely gorgeous watercolor painting of the magical heart surgery scene from the Darkangel Trilogy.

And now I am seriously not signing up for any more exchanges, bangs, fests, or anything of that ilk until I finish the assignments that I've got.
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Dear DJ:

Hi there! May I compliment you on either your excellent taste in music or your willingness to try something new and write fic about it, or both? (Yeah, I have just gone ahead and requested fic and only fic for everything. I really want to know the stories behind these songs!) In any case, I’m really looking forward to reading what you come up with.

I returned for your voice and your precious melody )

I hope you find something that inspires you in this letter, but if these songs take you in a completely different direction, I’d be thrilled to read that too. Thank you, happy writing, and I hope you get a lovely story as well!
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Hey, look, it’s a new chapter of Get Me to the Church on Time! And at some point I will hopefully let you guys know what’s going on with Frank and Leo and Hazel and Calypso and the Lotus Hotel and Casino. But meanwhile, back at Camp Jupiter, Reyna is doing the best she can to find Frank and Hazel while babysitting a worried and fractious Legion.

Also, I’m not saying there’s Reyna/Piper, but I’m not saying there’s not Reyna/Piper.
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Dear Rarelywritten Author:

Hi there! Thanks for offering to write me a story about a character or group of characters very dear to my heart!

I like all kinds of fic, from gen to shippy (I am a dedicated multishipper and will happily read any rating, any number/gender of participants), from warm-and-fluffy to dark (kill my favorite characters, please!), from plotty and action-packed to intense conversations on the Formless Plane of Dialogue (I don't tend to like extremely introspective stories where there's no interaction, however). I'm not terribly fond of AUs of the coffee-shop/university/whatever variety, but I like canon-divergence AUs as well as fusions and crossovers.

Here, have some specific prompts: All you fair and tender ladies )

If for some reason you want to stalk me, I am dead easy to stalk; I'm minutia_r (or occasionally minutia-r) all over the internet: LJ/DW, AO3, tumblr, deviantart, ff.net, 8tracks, and probably one or two other places I don't recall off-hand.

Thank you again! You are awesome, I am really looking forward to seeing what you write for me, and I hope you get a great story out of this exchange, too!
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So I finished that fic that I posted part of yesterday, where Gregor and Mark talk about sexual trauma? And here it is. And there is discussion of sexual trauma in it, so be aware of that.

The Family Expert
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So . . . have approximately 800 words of Gregor and Mark talking about sexual trauma?

Sorry, this is very incomplete and I'm not even sure where it's going from here but sometimes you write because you need to get the words out of your brain and these are the words that wanted to come out today.

you've been warned )
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This is something I posted on tumblr in response to something there. It got kind of long, and I figured I'd repost it here for anyone who's interested?

Okay, so, this is something I’ve thought about a lot, and apparently now is when I’m going to say it? Even though I don’t think I’m going to change anyone’s mind and I may piss people off.

Here we go: It really, really bugs me when some Nico fans act like any problems between Nico and Percy are all Percy’s fault for being a big meanie.

So let’s break it down:

Problems between Nico and Percy: things that are Percy’s fault

  • Percy: You should come back to Camp Half-Blood! You will be safe and accepted there!
    Nico: Yeah, right, do you think anyone really wants the son of Hades around?
    Percy: …

  • Okay, that one’s a fair cop. Not your most shining moment, Seaweed Brain.

    Problems between Nico and Percy: things that are no-one’s fault

  • Nico’s unrequited crush on Percy

  • Unrequited crushes suck! But Percy does not owe Nico kisses.

  • Nico’s internalized homophobia

  • Absolutely not Nico’s fault. I have a hard time even beginning to imagine how it might be Percy’s fault.

  • When they first met, and Percy thought Nico was super annoying

  • In Nico’s defense: he’d just been initiated into a magical world, and met a dreamy hero! Of course he was excited! In Percy’s defense: Nico was legit super annoying. But the thing is, we mostly know that Percy thought Nico was annoying because of his internal monologue, not because he was rude or dismissive towards him. He was a lot nicer than, say, Harry Potter to Colin Creevey under similar circumstances.

  • Bianca’s death

  • Nico’s grief and anger are perfectly understandable. But I was actually really impressed with how Percy handled this; it would have been so easy for him to say, “Yes, I am a big hero, I will protect your sister,” especially with a couple of successful quests where no one died under his belt. But he was 100% upfront about the fact that he couldn’t guarantee Bianca’s safety, he could only do his best. And he did.

  • The way—especially towards the beginning of their relationship—Percy saw Nico more as a responsibility and someone to be protected than a friend and an equal

  • I can see how this would annoy Nico. Especially since Bianca’s resentment of having to be Nico’s caretaker was part of what led her to join the Hunters, Nico probably didn’t want anyone to feel this way about him ever again. But at the beginning Nico was really a lot younger and less experienced than Percy. And Percy didn’t owe Nico friendship any more than he owed him kisses.

  • When Percy thought Nico wanted to kill him

  • It was an understandable mistake! And the important thing is that even though Percy believed this he didn’t go out and attack Nico pre-emptively or anything like that; he just wanted to find him and work things out.

    Problems between Nico and Percy: things that are Nico’s fault

  • When Percy thought that Nico had betrayed him to his father, and then attacked Nico when he came to rescue him

  • You mean, when Nico actually did betray Percy to his father? I mean, yeah, Nico didn’t want Percy hurt, and probably believed that he wouldn’t be, but still. Nico could have said, “Oh, hey, before we go to the Underworld, you should know, my dad wants a chat with you. I mean, it’s cool, he promised not to kill you, but I figured I should tell you before you’re bodily picked up by a fury and taken against your will to Hades’ palace. So you still want to go, or what?”

    That would have been not betraying Percy. As it was—this one’s all on you, Nico.
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    By which I mean that one of the benefits of having fandom friends is that sometimes they will write fic of your fic and it will be amazing.

    By which I mean that books4belle/goodforharpies wrote a follow-up fic to Useful Crafts! It's set four years later--Leo has broken up with Calypso and feels like nothing he makes works anymore, Rachel has helped defeat the python and renegotiated the the terms of her service to Apollo and feels horny, maybe they can help each other out?

    You can read it here: Good With Their Hands It's about 2000 words long and rated M.

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    Dear Spacer:

    Hi there! Thanks for offering to make me something for one of my favorite fandoms--IN SPACE!

    Into the deep black yonder )

    On the other hand, if you’re reading this because I’m on your flist/reading page and this is the first you’re hearing about space swap--you guys, do this exchange with me! The DW comm is here and you can sign up here. It’s a multimedia exchange, so you can participate even if you’re not a fic writer. ( . . . do I know anyone who’s not a fic writer?) The list of available fandoms is a little short (nominations happened at around the same time as yuletide) but there are some pretty awesome ones there--I mean, there’s the ones I nominated.
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    1. It was Charles who had stupidly said want to bet? when Nirupam claimed that Charles went through thesis advisors faster than the store Nirupam worked at went through witch's costumes during Halloween season. "You probably charmed all the kids into buying six-shooters and cowboy hats instead, just because you can't bear losing."

    "Tell me," said Nirupam, snapping the note back and forth a few times (next time Charles would pay him with an old fiver), "in all those psychology classes of yours, did you ever learn about something called projection?"

    2. Shaken as he was--he was even whiter than usual around the mouth and the knuckles--he had the presence of mind to moderate his language in front of his daughter, who he was still holding on his hip. Reyna didn’t really see the point. Kids who grew up around Camp Jupiter tended to swear like legionnaires as soon as they could talk.

    3. They burned Nayra’s shroud, even though she hadn’t been at camp for a year and a half, and her body would be returned to her father once the coroners had given up on making sense of it. It was just Silena, Drew, and Laurel in the Aphrodite cabin that winter; Silena held the torch. Afterwards--even though that sort of thing was seriously forbidden--Drew smuggled a brazier into the cabin, and they burned a hazelnut truffle for Aphrodite.

    I'd have liked to have had the three WIPs be from three different fandoms, but . . . I could cheat and call PJO and HOO two different fandoms? I am where I am, fandom-wise.
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    Now it can be revealed! This is what I wrote for yuletide:


    He had always thought he would end up married to his work. He had studied hard, worked diligently, brought himself to the attention of the right people--and ended up with an appointment to the Chrestomanci’s personal staff, as high as one could rise in Flavian’s chosen profession if one hadn’t happened to be born with nine lives. And when he got there he’d found Mordecai waiting for him. Mordecai, who threw all his previous ideas into confusion.

    Flavia/Mordecai, about 5000 words, rated T.
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    It's a Kencyrath fic about the beginning of Tori and Grimly's friendship, with cityporn and Tori falling asleep while Grimly recites poetry and platonic bed-sharing!

    And for those of you who are familiar with the Chronicles of the Kencyrath--or those of you who just like cityporn so much you are willing to read fic from unfamiliar fandoms for it--you can read it here:

    Two from the North

    Also, I have not had a chance to read much other yuletide fic yet but so far I can unreservedly recommend In the Right Way which is a really great story about Angelica Petrocchi and tone-deafness and sufficiently-analyzed magic.
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    8tracks is a bag of dicks, but making fanmixes is really fun! So here is a mix for Leo Valdez.

    cover art by minuiko
    listen on 8tracks

    tracklist with selected lyrics below the cut )


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