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(if you follow me on tumblr, you may have seen all this before, but I don't think there's a lot of overlap)

And everybody knows who wrote which Chocolate Box stories, or at least they could if they wanted to, because the authors have been revealed.

I got two lovely fics:

Like a Man of Mettle by Nary

Hey, look, it's Gabriel DeWit/Elijah Pinhoe (of the Chronicles of Chrestomanci) fic! The first one ever written, to the best of my knowledge, which is not surprising since they never met in canon, and also they only appear in canon as quite old men. Bask in the glory of grumpy, awkward young!Gabriel running away from his duties as Chrestomanci straight into a patch of stinging nettles, and young!Elijah helping him out with herb lore if you know what I mean.

Borrow Your Lust by PhoenixFalls

Fic about Ethan and Terrence (from the Vorkosigan Saga)! It's not quite as rare a pairing as Gabriel and Elijah, but seeing as how Ethan and Terrence are canonical life partners, I feel like there really should be more.

I love stories about people who for one reason or another don’t get how ordinary human relationships work trying to relationship, and this definitely hits those buttons. Also, it’s got an intriguing idea about one possible use of telepathy during sex, even if they end up not going there.

My assigned recipient was Miss_M, and I wrote her two Kencyrath fics:

An Economy of Blood and Bone was supposed to be about Trishien and Kirien’s relationship, and it is, but it’s more about Trishien’s backstory and the Women’s World and the Jaran and the intersection thereof. And economics.

Turn-Collar is the one where Brier and Tori discuss the fact that Brier broke her bond with Tori and got herself bound to Jame instead. It is so far the only work on AO3 tagged Loyalty Break-Up, which is a damn shame.

I also wrote a couple of treats for other people, both in the PJO/HOO fandom: Twice-Favored was for inelegantly; it’s a T-rated Annabeth/Nico/Percy interlude with capture the flag and a bit of kissing.

And finally, for dhampyresa, I wrote Delphi Falls, In which Rachel does some research with Ella and Skypes with Annabeth. And also Annabeth, Hazel, and Nico go on a quest to either prevent or start the zombie apocalypse, but that honestly happens offscreen. It’s also my 100th fic on AO3! Hooray!

Oh and also

Nov. 8th, 2015 01:19 pm
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Some stuff I did for exchanges and whatnots a while back and never linked to here:

The Dressing Gown of Dimensions, a Chrestomanci/Discworld crossover written for rare pair fest. It features Millie/Christopher and Vetinari/Drumknott, as well as Roger, Julia, and Leonard of Quirm.

Also I did a pencil drawing and a digitally colored version of Steve Rogers with a golden apple of temptation for the WIP Big Bang.
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Dear Rarelywritten Author:

Hi there! Thanks for offering to write me a story about a character or group of characters very dear to my heart!

I like all kinds of fic, from gen to shippy (I am a dedicated multishipper and will happily read any rating, any number/gender of participants), from warm-and-fluffy to dark (kill my favorite characters, please!), from plotty and action-packed to intense conversations on the Formless Plane of Dialogue (I don't tend to like extremely introspective stories where there's no interaction, however). I'm not terribly fond of AUs of the coffee-shop/university/whatever variety, but I like canon-divergence AUs as well as fusions and crossovers.

Here, have some specific prompts: All you fair and tender ladies )

If for some reason you want to stalk me, I am dead easy to stalk; I'm minutia_r (or occasionally minutia-r) all over the internet: LJ/DW, AO3, tumblr, deviantart, ff.net, 8tracks, and probably one or two other places I don't recall off-hand.

Thank you again! You are awesome, I am really looking forward to seeing what you write for me, and I hope you get a great story out of this exchange, too!
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1. It was Charles who had stupidly said want to bet? when Nirupam claimed that Charles went through thesis advisors faster than the store Nirupam worked at went through witch's costumes during Halloween season. "You probably charmed all the kids into buying six-shooters and cowboy hats instead, just because you can't bear losing."

"Tell me," said Nirupam, snapping the note back and forth a few times (next time Charles would pay him with an old fiver), "in all those psychology classes of yours, did you ever learn about something called projection?"

2. Shaken as he was--he was even whiter than usual around the mouth and the knuckles--he had the presence of mind to moderate his language in front of his daughter, who he was still holding on his hip. Reyna didn’t really see the point. Kids who grew up around Camp Jupiter tended to swear like legionnaires as soon as they could talk.

3. They burned Nayra’s shroud, even though she hadn’t been at camp for a year and a half, and her body would be returned to her father once the coroners had given up on making sense of it. It was just Silena, Drew, and Laurel in the Aphrodite cabin that winter; Silena held the torch. Afterwards--even though that sort of thing was seriously forbidden--Drew smuggled a brazier into the cabin, and they burned a hazelnut truffle for Aphrodite.

I'd have liked to have had the three WIPs be from three different fandoms, but . . . I could cheat and call PJO and HOO two different fandoms? I am where I am, fandom-wise.
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Now it can be revealed! This is what I wrote for yuletide:


He had always thought he would end up married to his work. He had studied hard, worked diligently, brought himself to the attention of the right people--and ended up with an appointment to the Chrestomanci’s personal staff, as high as one could rise in Flavian’s chosen profession if one hadn’t happened to be born with nine lives. And when he got there he’d found Mordecai waiting for him. Mordecai, who threw all his previous ideas into confusion.

Flavia/Mordecai, about 5000 words, rated T.
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It's a Kencyrath fic about the beginning of Tori and Grimly's friendship, with cityporn and Tori falling asleep while Grimly recites poetry and platonic bed-sharing!

And for those of you who are familiar with the Chronicles of the Kencyrath--or those of you who just like cityporn so much you are willing to read fic from unfamiliar fandoms for it--you can read it here:

Two from the North

Also, I have not had a chance to read much other yuletide fic yet but so far I can unreservedly recommend In the Right Way which is a really great story about Angelica Petrocchi and tone-deafness and sufficiently-analyzed magic.
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Dear rarewomen author,

Hello and thank you
for offering to write a story about one or more of my beloved fictional ladies! You may have noticed that I take the “rare” part of rare women quite seriously--none of these characters have more than a handful of stories written about them, if that. What this means is that I can pretty much guarantee I’ll be thrilled with whatever you write. It’s not like I’m going to be able to compare it unfavorably to the dozens of other stories about these characters, right?

But, seeing as how “anything” is a terrible prompt, have some optional details. Also, have a brief description of the canons I’m requesting, in case you don’t want to write for the fandom we matched on, or I’ve made it to the pinch hit list, or you’re idly curious, or you want to write me a treat. Or just on the off-chance that anyone reading this letter wants to consume some excellent (but obscure) media.

Attack of the 50-ft woman )

(If you are reading this because you read my journal/tumblr, and were not previously aware of rarewomen--you guys, do this fic exchange with me! It has all these excellent ladies and more available to write and request! I have gotten truly awesome stories for it in the past! You can find the details here. And if you have not done a yuletide-style fic exchange before, don’t be fooled--writing a letter to your assigned author is completely optional, and writing a letter more than twice the required length of the story is . . . well, let’s go with optional again. Optional is a polite word.)
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Here is what I got for fic corner:

A Sister's Love by flipflop_diva (Heroes of Olympus)

In which Nico really needs a hug and Bianca and Hazel give him one. My heart melted a little. Set during Mark of Athena, very slight allusions to sibling incest.

On a path, two travellers meet by Aeriel (Darkangel Trilogy)

Darkangel trilogy fic! Aeriel/Sabr! And also there is Roshka!

And here is what I wrote for fic corner:

The Village Witch's Ginger Hero for Jenn_Calaelen (Chronicles of Chrestomanci)

Featuring Marianne, Marianne's crush on Irene Yeldham, and the Folk.

The Wine Bowl for kristin (Chronicles of Prydain)

Mostly about Taran's love for pottery, but also could be described as the one where Eilonwy feeds the Argonauts laver bread.
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As mentioned previously, I got not one but two stories for rarewomen this year, and they are both so excellent I don't know what to do with myself.

Betony wrote me from the private correspondence of miranda argent chant.

As you may have guessed from the title, this is Miranda epistolary fic. That alone would have me fistpumping the air with glee, but! This fic! It absolutely nails the scheming, self-absorbed Miranda of my heart, and it is funny as hell.

And also! Ollipop wrote me Kindred Instruments.

Yesssss, this is what I wanted in Lotus Durona fic--multifaceted and sparkling, cold-blooded and matter-of-fact, with currents of strong passions running beneath the surface. And I love the way Lotus and Vasa Luigi flirt: "How are your surgical skills?” “If you give me a knife, I’ll demonstrate.” INDEED.

Go read them; you won't regret it!

Sunday Six

May. 5th, 2013 09:30 pm
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So, the rarewomen collection is open, I got two stories, I adore them both, I will be doing a longer write-up later. For now, your weekly snippet of randomness:

“I can’t believe you went on holiday with Carol Onier and all you can say is that she’s nice.”

“Well, she is,” said Cat. He struggled to remember anything remarkable about Carol. “She carried around a little handbag. None of the other girls I know carry handbags; I don’t know what she kept in it.”

This did nothing to dispel the you-are-impossible look from Marianne’s face.
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Crap, I forgot. Well, it's still Sunday somewhere.

It felt like being buried alive.

"You can't do this to me," said Gabriel. "I'm a nine-lifed enchanter and you're just a . . . a gamekeeper."

Mr. Farleigh's lips curved slightly. "That's right." It was plain that he knew Gabriel had meant to say witch.

This is from Hunt of the Unicorn. It's been refusing to move for, oh, a year, but before I got stuck I did write a bit of chapter four, and this is part of it.
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Staying on in Series Twelve when one is native to a different Series (or not-Series in the case of Eleven): A tedious bit of fanwankery by Minutia_R

Over on tumblr, inerasabledreams asked: "I'm a little confused, in "Conrad's Fate," Gabriel de Witt said that is not possible for a person living in another series, but Millie (Series 10) lives with Christopher in Series 12 ... Someone could explain?"

I'm glad you asked, inerasabledreams! (You asked the fuckyeahchrestomanci blog and not me, but that was an understandable oversight.) This is indeed one of the most vexed questions in Chrestomanci canon, and it's complicated by the fact that Mordecai Roberts, aka Tacroy, also spends most of his life in Series Twelve while being a native of Eleven (Not a Series).

I should start this off with a disclaimer that the question was never resolved in the books, and now never will be; I have reasons to prefer my own theory and will elucidate them below, but ultimately it's just a theory and no more canon than any other.

Cut for length. Really, it gets long. )
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Each Sunday, post six sentences from a writing project -- published, submitted, in progress, for your cat -- whatever.

It is not strictly Sunday here anymore, but I keep seeing [livejournal.com profile] dropsofviolet doing this, and thinking, "I've got enough semi-abandoned WIPs by now that I could probably do this." So I am doing this.

"But Julia must come out. How do you expect her to find a husband if she's not in Society?"

"She could start thieving things from temples," Chrestomanci suggested. "That's how I found a wife. Of course, I lost a life in the process, and since Julia only has the one I can't really recommend it. Pity," he went on, idly poking at a kipper, "but I imagine she'll work out something."

Perhaps on Thursday I'll do what-I'm-reading-Wednesday!
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For those of you who don't know, [livejournal.com profile] purimgifts is an exchange of short fic (300-1000 words, although if you post installments of the same story over the three days of posting you can get up to 3000 words) and graphics. It's focused on female characters, Jewish characters, and characters persecuted by evil viziers; it's fast-paced, often silly, and slightly manic; and now it's over and reveals have happened. So I can tell you that [livejournal.com profile] opalmatrix made me the following gifts:

A Heart at My Command: Amy/Quentin from Cyteen. Solidly physical and atmospheric and lovely.

She's Not There: Flower-in-the-Night/Abdullah from Castle in the Air. Magic spells! Married love! Problem-solving-skills! Flowery dialogue! (Some people apparently find Abdullah's speech patterns annoying but I love them okay.)

To the Top: Anthea Tesdinic from Conrad's Fate. OMG she actually drew me Anthea's fashion designs (with accompanying fashion-reporter commentary); I requested that but never expected it! (I want the blue one.)

I will post about my stories and some other stuff I liked later.
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A Cup of Kindness

Fandom: Avatar: Legend of Korra

Relationships: Bolin & Mako, with background Bolin/Iroh

Rating: PG

Word count: 700

Summary: Bolin was still dressed in his party clothes, shiny jacket with the silver piping, the sort of thing that could get you in trouble in a place like this, but nobody bothered him at his corner table. He's just a kid, Mako had told Iroh, but he wasn't, really. It was hard for Mako to remember, sometimes. The words I told you so died on his lips.

In which Mako has to carry Bolin out of a sake house, again.

Note: This is a missing scene from Rikku's make me your radio. You probably don't need to read make me your radio in order to work out what's going on here; you just need to read make me your radio because it's really good.

Read more... )

Fairy Reel

Fandom: Chronicles of Chrestomanci

Characters: Cat, Tonino, Angelica, Marianne, and Klartch. Henceforth to be known as Cat Chant's Five-Man Band.

Rating: G

Word count: 450

Summary: "Er," said Cat. "Are you sure about this? I had those violin lessons when I was small, but I was never very good."

Cat has been summoned by . . . something, and Tonino has an idea for how to communicate with it.

This one's for: Elycien aka ninelifed

Read more... )
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The [livejournal.com profile] rarewomen stories have been revealed, and I got a follow-up to "The Hundredth Dream of Carol Oneir"!

You can read it here:

Dream On by Qem

It's got some really chewy ideas about how Carol's growth as an artist affected the events of the original story, as well as fun ideas about what happened to the Cast of Thousands afterwards. I'm really quite happy with it.
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Last week was secret-soup's birthday. You may know Soup as the person who drew Henrietta; she definitely gets a seat on the lifeboat. Also, I drew her a comic in which Mordecai tells off Christopher at the end of Conrad's Fate:

Read more... )
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I have been remiss in not posting this earlier, but check it out, everyone:

That there is Henrietta Gelek, enchantress, former street criminal, reluctant Tibetan priest, and the heroine of my story Endless Knot.

secret-soup drew her, because secret-soup is awesome like that.
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The Hunt of the Unicorn

Chapter 3: The Unicorn Leaps the Stream

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2

Fandom: The Chronicles of Chrestomanci

Characters: Gabriel de Witt, Jed Farleigh, Elijah Pinhoe, Benjamin Allworthy, Molly the Unicorn, original characters

Rating: PG-13

Word count: 1,400

Summary: "Your mum's an abomination, Jacky Callow," said Elijah, struggling to his knees.

"Elijah? What's happened to you?"

"Not you, clearly." Elijah's lip curled. "Couldn't hit the broad side of a barn."

Seventy years before the events of The Pinhoe Egg, a group of wizards goes shooting on the grounds of Chrestomanci Castle, and there's things abroad in the woods.

Note: The title of this story, as well as the chapter titles, comes from a series of tapestries made in the Netherlands around 1500. I'll be including the relevant tapestry with each chapter, because.

Oh and also: what I know about game shooting I learned in a mad scramble to research this story. Please feel free to correct my ignorance.

This one's for: [livejournal.com profile] coeurgryffondor.

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