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Dear Creator,

Hi! Thank you for signing up to make something for me about some of my favorite characters in a series I love!

Things I like in general:

For art, illustrations of moments in the books; the kind of character portrait where a lot of thought has gone into details of clothing, hairstyle, etc even if nothing in particular is happening; loose sketchy comick-y things that illustrate a character moment or interaction. And anything in between, really--there's not a lot of art of these books in general and these characters in particular, so just seeing any visual representation of them makes me happy.

For fic, I like silly fluff, I like action, adventures, and worldbuilding, and I like smut (although, in this case, I mean Nahuseresh/Kamet, not Ina & Eurydice). I also like dark fic of all kinds: violence, character death, betrayal, consent issues sexual and otherwise, bad things happening to characters I like AND characters I like doing bad things. Bring it on! Feel free to bring in whatever other characters from the series or original characters that you think would make the story better, as long as the focus is still on the characters I requested. Also, canon-divergence AUs. Canon-divergence AUs are great.

Do not want:

For art, anything NSFW. That sort of thing is very hit-or-miss for me, and I'd rather not find your gift unintentionally hilarious.

For fic, I sometimes get a bit anxious about reading and commenting on longer fic, so I'd rather not get anything over 5000 words or so. On the other hand, if you write a meticulously-crafted gem that is exactly 500 words long, I will be thrilled, so please don't worry about it being too short! Also, if writing sumt, I do not like sounding, infantilization, or the sort of thing where one partner doesn't know what sex is or realize they're having it. Anything else is fair game.

For either, no AUs other than canon-divergence, please.

Now for the individual prompts!

Nahuseresh & or / Kamet

I would love to see anything with Medean world-conquering road trips while complaining about the conditions in barbaric countries! On a more serious note, I am fascinated by their character dynamic where Kamet has a certain amount of loyalty to and affection for Nahuseresh, but he also has a certain amount of resentment about his position which Nahuseresh has no clue about, while Nahusresh cares about and values Kamet, and makes some effort to shield him from his (Nahuseresh's) worst impulses, but again, has no clue about what Kamet actually thinks and feels much of the time. I would love to see this explored in any way.

If you decide to go the Nahuseresh/Kamet route (and please do if you're feeling it!), then as long as Kamet is Nahuseresh's slave, any consent is going to be dubious at best, and I'd be interested in seeing all the different ways that could go (Kamet is totally into it but also very much aware that if he wanted to say no he couldn't; Kamet is manipulating Nahuseresh; Kamet wants to say no but can't in any way that Nahuseresh would understand and/or accept). The one thing I don't want is Nahuseresh knowingly raping Kamet; that's just not how I see this relationship.

Ina & Eurydice

Ina and Eurydice strike me as being a couple of very sharp, capable, intelligent people who are very constrained by their roles in society and sheltered upbringing. I'd love to see them move beyond that during the events of A Conspiracy of Kings, anything with their adventures while Sophos is doing his own thing being a slave, or afterwards, hanging out with Eddis and possibly having their horizons broadened by living in Eddis the country for a while, which seems more egalitarian than Sounis if not perfectly so. I'd also like anything from Sophos, Ina, and Eurydice's shared childhood, or an AU where Ina and/or Eurydice end up ruling Sounis for one reason or another (like Sophos goes off to Eddis and leaves them in charge.)

If for some reason you want to stalk me, I am dead easy to stalk; I'm minutia_r (or occasionally minutia-r) all over the internet: LJ/DW, AO3, tumblr, deviantart, ff.net, 8tracks, and probably one or two other places I don't recall off-hand.

Thank you again! You are awesome, I am really looking forward to seeing what you write for me, and I hope you get a great story and/or art out of this exchange, too!


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