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Dear All in the Family creator:

Thank you so much for signing up to write or draw me a thing about a fictional family relationship I love! I am ridiculously easy to please when it comes to people writing or drawing me things. Seriously, just make me something based on any of my requests and I’m sure I’ll love it. So--aside from the Do Not Wants--please feel free to ignore the rest of this letter. It’s really only here to give you inspiration if you don’t know what to write or draw, but if you have your own ideas already, please go wild with them. One of the fun parts about somebody making things for my prompts is when they come up with things I would never have thought of myself. Read more... )
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(if you follow me on tumblr, you may have seen all this before, but I don't think there's a lot of overlap)

And everybody knows who wrote which Chocolate Box stories, or at least they could if they wanted to, because the authors have been revealed.

I got two lovely fics:

Like a Man of Mettle by Nary

Hey, look, it's Gabriel DeWit/Elijah Pinhoe (of the Chronicles of Chrestomanci) fic! The first one ever written, to the best of my knowledge, which is not surprising since they never met in canon, and also they only appear in canon as quite old men. Bask in the glory of grumpy, awkward young!Gabriel running away from his duties as Chrestomanci straight into a patch of stinging nettles, and young!Elijah helping him out with herb lore if you know what I mean.

Borrow Your Lust by PhoenixFalls

Fic about Ethan and Terrence (from the Vorkosigan Saga)! It's not quite as rare a pairing as Gabriel and Elijah, but seeing as how Ethan and Terrence are canonical life partners, I feel like there really should be more.

I love stories about people who for one reason or another don’t get how ordinary human relationships work trying to relationship, and this definitely hits those buttons. Also, it’s got an intriguing idea about one possible use of telepathy during sex, even if they end up not going there.

My assigned recipient was Miss_M, and I wrote her two Kencyrath fics:

An Economy of Blood and Bone was supposed to be about Trishien and Kirien’s relationship, and it is, but it’s more about Trishien’s backstory and the Women’s World and the Jaran and the intersection thereof. And economics.

Turn-Collar is the one where Brier and Tori discuss the fact that Brier broke her bond with Tori and got herself bound to Jame instead. It is so far the only work on AO3 tagged Loyalty Break-Up, which is a damn shame.

I also wrote a couple of treats for other people, both in the PJO/HOO fandom: Twice-Favored was for inelegantly; it’s a T-rated Annabeth/Nico/Percy interlude with capture the flag and a bit of kissing.

And finally, for dhampyresa, I wrote Delphi Falls, In which Rachel does some research with Ella and Skypes with Annabeth. And also Annabeth, Hazel, and Nico go on a quest to either prevent or start the zombie apocalypse, but that honestly happens offscreen. It’s also my 100th fic on AO3! Hooray!
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And, less than a year later, another chapter of Get Me to the Church on Time. It is a Piper chapter! There is more Reyna/Piper! Also politics in New Rome! And still no Frank, Hazel, etc. etc.

But at least it has Will insulting Piper's taste in bagels.
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Hey, look, it’s a new chapter of Get Me to the Church on Time! And at some point I will hopefully let you guys know what’s going on with Frank and Leo and Hazel and Calypso and the Lotus Hotel and Casino. But meanwhile, back at Camp Jupiter, Reyna is doing the best she can to find Frank and Hazel while babysitting a worried and fractious Legion.

Also, I’m not saying there’s Reyna/Piper, but I’m not saying there’s not Reyna/Piper.
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Dear Rarelywritten Author:

Hi there! Thanks for offering to write me a story about a character or group of characters very dear to my heart!

I like all kinds of fic, from gen to shippy (I am a dedicated multishipper and will happily read any rating, any number/gender of participants), from warm-and-fluffy to dark (kill my favorite characters, please!), from plotty and action-packed to intense conversations on the Formless Plane of Dialogue (I don't tend to like extremely introspective stories where there's no interaction, however). I'm not terribly fond of AUs of the coffee-shop/university/whatever variety, but I like canon-divergence AUs as well as fusions and crossovers.

Here, have some specific prompts: All you fair and tender ladies )

If for some reason you want to stalk me, I am dead easy to stalk; I'm minutia_r (or occasionally minutia-r) all over the internet: LJ/DW, AO3, tumblr, deviantart, ff.net, 8tracks, and probably one or two other places I don't recall off-hand.

Thank you again! You are awesome, I am really looking forward to seeing what you write for me, and I hope you get a great story out of this exchange, too!
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By which I mean that one of the benefits of having fandom friends is that sometimes they will write fic of your fic and it will be amazing.

By which I mean that books4belle/goodforharpies wrote a follow-up fic to Useful Crafts! It's set four years later--Leo has broken up with Calypso and feels like nothing he makes works anymore, Rachel has helped defeat the python and renegotiated the the terms of her service to Apollo and feels horny, maybe they can help each other out?

You can read it here: Good With Their Hands It's about 2000 words long and rated M.

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1. It was Charles who had stupidly said want to bet? when Nirupam claimed that Charles went through thesis advisors faster than the store Nirupam worked at went through witch's costumes during Halloween season. "You probably charmed all the kids into buying six-shooters and cowboy hats instead, just because you can't bear losing."

"Tell me," said Nirupam, snapping the note back and forth a few times (next time Charles would pay him with an old fiver), "in all those psychology classes of yours, did you ever learn about something called projection?"

2. Shaken as he was--he was even whiter than usual around the mouth and the knuckles--he had the presence of mind to moderate his language in front of his daughter, who he was still holding on his hip. Reyna didn’t really see the point. Kids who grew up around Camp Jupiter tended to swear like legionnaires as soon as they could talk.

3. They burned Nayra’s shroud, even though she hadn’t been at camp for a year and a half, and her body would be returned to her father once the coroners had given up on making sense of it. It was just Silena, Drew, and Laurel in the Aphrodite cabin that winter; Silena held the torch. Afterwards--even though that sort of thing was seriously forbidden--Drew smuggled a brazier into the cabin, and they burned a hazelnut truffle for Aphrodite.

I'd have liked to have had the three WIPs be from three different fandoms, but . . . I could cheat and call PJO and HOO two different fandoms? I am where I am, fandom-wise.
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8tracks is a bag of dicks, but making fanmixes is really fun! So here is a mix for Leo Valdez.

cover art by minuiko
listen on 8tracks

tracklist with selected lyrics below the cut )
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Okay, so. Before Blood of Olympus came out, I made a Leo mix.

(I did cover art and everything, and then I never posted it anywhere ‘cause I can’t figure out 8tracks. Someday I will, and then I’l post my Leo mix, and my Rachel mix, and the epic Cyteen mix that Mr. R—— and I made … but anyway.)

So I was listening to it for the first time today since reading Blood of Olympus. And one of the songs is Elvis Presley’s “Burning Love”. And … you guys, it’s a Leo/Gaea song.

No, seriously, here’s the refrain:

Your kisses lift me higher
Like the sweet song of a choir
You light my morning sky with burning love

All the lyrics are like that too, listen to it, it’s horribilarious.

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Chapter three is up! Finally. (For those of you who a) haven’t seen this before, but b) care, it’s the one where Frank goes missing right before his wedding.)

It’s going to be a long wait for chapter four as well, I’m afraid, because given how much time I seem to have for writing fanfic nowadays I really have to take a break from this and get started on my yuletide story.
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Yes, I realize that any of you who are interested in HoO are probably reading the new book right now and not fic? But I finished my fic! So all of you who’ve wanted to read it but don’t like reading works in progress can now go ahead.

(For those of you who haven’t seen it before, it’s the one where Annabeth, Leo and Rachel go on a quest to the Guggenheim Museum in New York at around the same time that Percy is arriving at Camp Jupiter in The Son of Neptune.)

Anyway, this fic contains no Blood of Olympus spoilers; I did read Blood of Olympus between writing the second-to-last chapter and the last, but it didn’t end up making any significant difference in how it went.

The story has been a little jossed by BoO, but only a little.

Useful Crafts
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Useful Crafts

Annabeth burst out of her seat and started pacing across the room, her hand twitching near her knife where it was strapped to her thigh. “Seriously? Seriously? Gaea is waking up, the giants are being reborn, Percy’s been kidnapped by the Romans, and that doggerel-spouting prettyboy is sending us on a quest because one of his campers lost his fucking teddy bear?”

Annabeth just wants to find Percy. Leo just wants to work on his ship. Rachel just wants to play Galaxy Angel Eternal Lovers. Unfortunately Apollo has other ideas. Set around the same time as the events of The Son of Neptune.

Now this is the gen magical adventure I've been meaning to write. Or at least the first chapter of it. Enjoy!

(PS: Why isn't Secret History a canonical tag on AO3? Step up your game, fan writers.)
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More ridiculous HOO fluff! I have been thinking way too much about Leo, I had a silly idea, I wrote a drabblish thing. This one is Leo & Piper friendship with background Piper/Jason, and it takes place some time during Mark of Athena.

The Power Vested in Me
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So I have written more HOO fic! You still don’t get the gen magical adventures, though. Instead, have some friendship/relationship fluff/angst. flangst?

Aphros' Sacred Brownie Recipe

I was rereading Mark of Athena and I got to the part where Aphros gives his brownie recipe to Leo, and I remembered this comic and especially this one from ilyone's excellent chronology of a friendship and a few things just sort of clicked. You don’t have to read chronology of a friendship in order to understand what’s going on here—in fact this story is not 100% compliant with chronology of a friendship canon, although I’ve used several of the details—but you should read chronology of a friendship anyway, because it’s good.

Anyway, this is the one where Leo shares his brownie recipe, and Jason sucks at relationships. Onesided (as far as Jason knows) Jason/Nico, with background Jason/Piper which is not going 100% smoothly. (No Piper bashing I promise.)
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Phone Support

"And how did you come by an Amazon Supremacy account, Mister Valdez?” He had no idea what Kinzie looked like, but he could almost see the curl in her lip when she said you. He definitely heard the pause before Mister, like she was swapping it out for a much nastier word. She had a great voice.

Amazon Customer Service calls Leo with a few questions about his recent purchases. He gets more than he bargained for.

Well, I kind of meant for my first fic in this fandom to be gen with magical adventures … buuut, what you get is kinky phone sex.

Kinzie/Leo, about 3000 words. Explicit as all hell. Heed the tags.
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It all began, as it often does, with a dream: I don't recall the dream itself, but I woke up with the idea that Korra was a daughter of Poseidon, and thus Percy Jackson's little sister.

I was then seized with the urge to draw Percy, Hazel and Frank as pro benders. The elements line up perfectly! And I could design uniforms based on Roman Legionary armor!

So here they are, for the first time in Republic City, the pro bending champions from a different republic altogether: the Camp Jupiter Eagles!

Wombat eagles? Skink eagles? No, just . . . eagles. )


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