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Dear All in the Family creator:

Thank you so much for signing up to write or draw me a thing about a fictional family relationship I love! I am ridiculously easy to please when it comes to people writing or drawing me things. Seriously, just make me something based on any of my requests and I’m sure I’ll love it. So--aside from the Do Not Wants--please feel free to ignore the rest of this letter. It’s really only here to give you inspiration if you don’t know what to write or draw, but if you have your own ideas already, please go wild with them. One of the fun parts about somebody making things for my prompts is when they come up with things I would never have thought of myself. Read more... )
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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Hello! Thank you so much for offering to write me a story in one of my favorite rare fandoms! I really will be delighted to get anything about them, so--aside from the Do Not Wants--please feel free to ignore the rest of this letter. It’s really only here to give you inspiration if you don’t know what to write, but if you have your own ideas already, please go wild with them. I am always interested in seeing new and interesting takes on my favorites, especially ones I would never have thought of myself.

Read more... )
One more general thing I want to add--I’m not requesting any five-minute fandoms like individual songs or picture books this year, but two of the canons I’m requesting are available in their entirety (or close enough to entirety) online, for free, legally, so if you haven’t yet I really do encourage you to check out Stand Still Stay Silent and SkyWorld, they’re great.

Anyway, If for some reason you want to stalk me, I am dead easy to stalk; I'm minutia_r (or occasionally minutia-r) all over the internet: LJ/DW, AO3, tumblr, deviantart, ff.net, 8tracks, and probably one or two other places I don't recall off-hand. (Minutiar on twitter is not me, though, oddly enough.)

Thank you once again, mystery writer! I am really looking forward to reading what you write for me, and I hope you get an awesome story too!
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(if you follow me on tumblr, you may have seen all this before, but I don't think there's a lot of overlap)

And everybody knows who wrote which Chocolate Box stories, or at least they could if they wanted to, because the authors have been revealed.

I got two lovely fics:

Like a Man of Mettle by Nary

Hey, look, it's Gabriel DeWit/Elijah Pinhoe (of the Chronicles of Chrestomanci) fic! The first one ever written, to the best of my knowledge, which is not surprising since they never met in canon, and also they only appear in canon as quite old men. Bask in the glory of grumpy, awkward young!Gabriel running away from his duties as Chrestomanci straight into a patch of stinging nettles, and young!Elijah helping him out with herb lore if you know what I mean.

Borrow Your Lust by PhoenixFalls

Fic about Ethan and Terrence (from the Vorkosigan Saga)! It's not quite as rare a pairing as Gabriel and Elijah, but seeing as how Ethan and Terrence are canonical life partners, I feel like there really should be more.

I love stories about people who for one reason or another don’t get how ordinary human relationships work trying to relationship, and this definitely hits those buttons. Also, it’s got an intriguing idea about one possible use of telepathy during sex, even if they end up not going there.

My assigned recipient was Miss_M, and I wrote her two Kencyrath fics:

An Economy of Blood and Bone was supposed to be about Trishien and Kirien’s relationship, and it is, but it’s more about Trishien’s backstory and the Women’s World and the Jaran and the intersection thereof. And economics.

Turn-Collar is the one where Brier and Tori discuss the fact that Brier broke her bond with Tori and got herself bound to Jame instead. It is so far the only work on AO3 tagged Loyalty Break-Up, which is a damn shame.

I also wrote a couple of treats for other people, both in the PJO/HOO fandom: Twice-Favored was for inelegantly; it’s a T-rated Annabeth/Nico/Percy interlude with capture the flag and a bit of kissing.

And finally, for dhampyresa, I wrote Delphi Falls, In which Rachel does some research with Ella and Skypes with Annabeth. And also Annabeth, Hazel, and Nico go on a quest to either prevent or start the zombie apocalypse, but that honestly happens offscreen. It’s also my 100th fic on AO3! Hooray!
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It's a Kencyrath fic about the beginning of Tori and Grimly's friendship, with cityporn and Tori falling asleep while Grimly recites poetry and platonic bed-sharing!

And for those of you who are familiar with the Chronicles of the Kencyrath--or those of you who just like cityporn so much you are willing to read fic from unfamiliar fandoms for it--you can read it here:

Two from the North

Also, I have not had a chance to read much other yuletide fic yet but so far I can unreservedly recommend In the Right Way which is a really great story about Angelica Petrocchi and tone-deafness and sufficiently-analyzed magic.
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Dear rarewomen author,

Hello and thank you
for offering to write a story about one or more of my beloved fictional ladies! You may have noticed that I take the “rare” part of rare women quite seriously--none of these characters have more than a handful of stories written about them, if that. What this means is that I can pretty much guarantee I’ll be thrilled with whatever you write. It’s not like I’m going to be able to compare it unfavorably to the dozens of other stories about these characters, right?

But, seeing as how “anything” is a terrible prompt, have some optional details. Also, have a brief description of the canons I’m requesting, in case you don’t want to write for the fandom we matched on, or I’ve made it to the pinch hit list, or you’re idly curious, or you want to write me a treat. Or just on the off-chance that anyone reading this letter wants to consume some excellent (but obscure) media.

Attack of the 50-ft woman )

(If you are reading this because you read my journal/tumblr, and were not previously aware of rarewomen--you guys, do this fic exchange with me! It has all these excellent ladies and more available to write and request! I have gotten truly awesome stories for it in the past! You can find the details here. And if you have not done a yuletide-style fic exchange before, don’t be fooled--writing a letter to your assigned author is completely optional, and writing a letter more than twice the required length of the story is . . . well, let’s go with optional again. Optional is a polite word.)
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Hello there, yuletide writer! It’s the most wonderful time of the year again--the time when some poor sap has to write me a story for a canon that barely anyone else has ever heard of, let alone written fanfic for. And this year, you’re the poor sap!

Seriously though, if I were you I wouldn’t worry if you have a completely different idea for a story than the optional details below, or if you don’t happen to be the world’s greatest writer, or if you get hit by the Real Life bus and end up frantically banging on the keyboard two hours before the deadline--if by Christmas I have a story in one of these fandoms, I can pretty much guarantee I’ll be thrilled. It’s not like I’m going to be able to compare it unfavorably to the dozens of other stories in these fandoms, right?

I was born a ramblin' man )

Thank you, happy writing, and I hope you get something you love for yuletide too!
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And now, what I wrote for rarewomen:

All Hands and Doors for opalmatrix. It's a missing scene from book three of the Chronicles of the Kencyrath, and I'm afraid not terribly accessible if you're not familiar with canon--which hardly anyone is. But I'm reasonably happy with how it turned out, and opalmatrix seemed to like it, which is the important thing.

I (in addition to three other people) also wrote a last-minute pinch-hit for talibusorabat: Asami Sato's Special Occasion. It's post-series Asami (mostly) gen, with appearances by Tahno and Hiroshi, and it's a sequel of sorts to Asami Sato's New Digs, although you don't have to read the latter to enjoy the former.

I don't think I'm going to win rarewomen this year (I totally won rarewomen last year) but on the whole I'm not displeased.


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