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This is a prompt fest for poetry for all fandoms. Welcome, have fun, and if you want to promote it on your journal/tumblr/whatever, you can just copy the code in this box:


1) Leave a prompt in the form of fandom, characters or relationships, prompt. If you don’t want to specify the fandom or characters, you can say "any." One prompt per comment. Leave as many prompts as you like.

2) Reply to other people’s prompts with poems. The poems can be any length or form, or no form. Quality isn’t important--the point is to have fun, not to produce deathless works of art. (Any deathless works of art produced are just a bonus.)


Q: I want to write a sonnet/haiku/villanelle/limerick, but I’m not sure how it goes.

A: You can find a good list of poetic forms and their structures here.

Q: I want to lik the bred.

A: Go right ahead.

Q: I want to fill a prompt, but someone else has already filled it.

A: That’s okay, prompts can be filled multiple times.

Q: I want to write explicit erotica, or a poem with potentially disturbing themes. Is that okay, and what sort of content do I need to warn for?

A: Sure, that's fine. Warnings are up to you, and choosing not to warn is okay too.

Q: How long is the fest going to be running for?

A: Currently, I don't have any plans to close this post to comments--I figure we'll keep going until everyone gets bored and wanders off. I reserve the right to change my mind, though.

Q: Is there a collection on AO3 where I can post my poems?

A: Right here.

Q: I want to participate, but I suck at writing poetry.

A: Aww, you’re probably not as bad as you think. But even if you are, it really doesn’t matter--like I said, the main point is to have fun.
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