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Oh my God, you guys, did you know there was a female-and-genderqueer-centric podfic fest?

Well, neither did I, but now I do, because nickelmountain podficced two of my stories for it!

They're the ones I wrote for cordailcount for the rarewomen exchange, and deal with Ariane Emory I (of CJ Cherryh's Cyteen, for all you who are missing out haven't read it yet)'s childhood and early adolescence.

You can listen to Loose Every Knot (which is about 3 minutes long, and safe for work) or The Things That Make Me Weak and Strange (which is about 16 minutes long, and . . . not so much.  Read the warnings for that one before you listen, although I will say it's not any worse than canon.)


May. 12th, 2014 07:27 pm
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So, the Rarewomen collection is open!

fawatson wrote me The Purpose of Life, which is a Vorkosigan Saga story where Lilly Durona Junior and Maree of Bharaputra's clone-creche find a sort of closure that I didn't think to ask for in my letter, but really should have. Also there are Mercenaries! With a glad cry!

Go read it.

ALSO, since Rarewomen doesn't have an anon period, I can already tell you what I wrote:

Loose Every Knot and The Things That Make Me Weak and Strange for cordialcount, a pair of Cyteen stories about young Ari Emory I and the origins of psychogenesis.

(They are theoretically part of a longer series. Theoretically. Also, heed the warnings on the second one.)

I also wrote American Poetry 1900-1950: The Drinking Game for DWEmma, a Lizzie Bennet Diaries story featuring Lydia, Mary, and pretty much what it says on the tin.
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In between writing my Jukebox letter and doing a pinch hit for Rarewomen, I have not yet gotten around to telling you guys, I got a lovely story for Space Swap!

I'm not sure if I've got any CJ Cherryh fans who read this journal but have not yet read this story, but in case I do, go read it! It's a Cyteen fic, it's got Justin/Grant first times, and if you have ever wanted to wrap a warm blanket around Justin Warrick or are just delighted to know that The Princess Bride is evidently comfort-watching in the Warrick household, you will enjoy this fic.

Dear Spacer

Feb. 7th, 2014 01:21 pm
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ETA: This is the final, updated version of the letter. Sorry for the inconvenience (assuming that you checked this letter before I got this version up.)

Dear Spacer,

Hi there! Thanks for offering to write me a story or make me art for one of my favorite fandoms--IN SPACE! If you are an artist who got matched to me--a) oh, yay, I’m getting art in an exchange! And however small an amount of fic these fandoms get, they have even less fanart (well, except for the Uplift series, it’s hard to do less than zero), so the possibility of there being more is exciting too. But b) I have a lot more experience in writing fic prompts than art prompts? So, sorry about that, and I hope that you find what you need here.

Onwards and upwards! )


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