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So, now that I have someone following me on dreamwidth who isn't already following me on livejournal, it's time I set up cross-posting. (Also time to add a couple of people on dw whom I would have added a while back if I could have been arsed to do anything with my dw.)

If you are now following me on lj and would like to follow me on dw instead/in addition, now is the time for that too, I guess. If you're so inclined. I will probably keep following you all on lj for preference for now though.

In other dreamwidth-related news, there is now a community for all your Darkangel-trilogy-related needs: [community profile] wheretheicarusnowroams

Well, for all my Darkangel-trilogy-related needs anyway? Hey, we're going to be starting a reread soon, this is the perfect chance to read the Darkangel trilogy!
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I haven't been around much in the past couple of weeks, and I'm not sure when I'll be back. I'm still getting my notifications and comments and such, and I'm still reading my friends page, although not every day. So I'm still here, but I'm mostly lurking for now.

If the current lull follows past trends, I will probably be writing in an entirely different fandom when I get back. (In fact, I've started fiddling with a Vorkosigan thing, I've got some ideas and also an Idea, but we'll see how it goes. Or maybe my @#%^ original fiction will start moving again, in which case I'll probably be gone longer.)

I love you all. See you around.


Jan. 17th, 2011 01:53 pm
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I now have an account on Archive of Our Own. I'm Minutia_R over there as well. All the fic on this journal is now over there with the exception of my years-old unfinished Harry Potter thing, which I may put up at some point but for now I don't feel like making the effort.

This journal is still going to be my primary fandom place for the foreseeable future, and all my fic is still going to go up here, but I thought I'd let my handful of readers know in case any of you prefer AO3 for whatever reason.

And as long as I'm here, do any of you know from cricket? I think I'm doing a reasonable job but it would be nice to have it looked over by someone with actual knowledge.


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