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Dear Jukebox writer:

Hi there! May I compliment you on either your excellent taste in music or your willingness to try something new and write fic about it, or both? In any case, I’m really looking forward to reading what you come up with.

Rambing 'round your city, rambling 'round your town )

I hope you find something that inspires you in this letter, but if these songs take you in a completely different direction, I’d be thrilled to read that too. Thank you, happy writing, and I hope you get a lovely story as well!

PS if you are reading this and are not aware of jukebox, the details are here and signups are open for one more day. It is a fun and different exchange and you guys should do it with me.
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So I was catching up on lj/dw after about a week of no internet except email, and I saw that many people whose journals I read are going to be participating in [community profile] fic_corner. This makes me happy because:

a) Wow, is this exchange up my alley. If you look at the alley this exchange is up, there is a sign that says "Minutia R". (The R in this case stands for Road. Unsurprisingly, my alley has delusions of grandeur.) It did not take five minutes before I had mentally composed a list of nominations and requests, and there's a ton of other stuff that would be exciting to write if other people request it.

b) Knowing that a bunch of people I know and whose work I like are also doing this not only increases the chance that there will be stories I want to read, but also makes me feel like I've found my people? Which it's taken me a while to do, even in fandom.

Anyway, if by any chance you are hearing about fic corner first from me--if you are interested in writing fic for children's/middle-grades/YA books, you should do this exchange too.


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